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EMDR (eye movement desensitization reprocessing) is an empirically-researched methodology that is based on how trauma is internalized by the brain. Using bilateral stimulation, the right and left brain can be balanced which allows traumatic experiences that have been kept in the limbic system to come forward and be processed. While we think we “get through” traumatic experiences, it often just means that the experience and it’s negative messages have been pushed back into the memory in the brain. Carrying around that trauma and negative messaging causes us to have anxiety, depression, addiction issues and other struggles.  EMDR seeks to help us move those experiences out of recesses of the mind and to process them in the now.

I am CEMDR. This means I am one of 4000 practitioners in the country with that distinction. This means I have access to the top EMDR experts, the latest research and information, and the most up to date educational resources and training. It is the heart of my practice and it is a technique that can produce incredible life-changing results for my clients.

EMDR can be used for trauma and PTSD and also for situational challenges like cravings, life changes, family stressors, mindfulness, depression, anxiety and anything that you’ve been carrying with you in your life that needs resolution. EMDR is helpful for teens and adults as it is adaptable for life stages.

My EMDR sessions are 90 minutes and also 2 hours depending on what your particular need is.

If you’re ready to really find deep and long term healing, let’s talk about EMDR and how it can work for you.

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