Focus On The Present

There’s a lot of talk in the therapy world about mindfulness. What is mindfulness? It’s a state of being in the present by using what’s around you to notice your current experience. It’s a practice. It’s a way to manage automatic negative thoughts and find peace in anxious moments in time.

I used mindfulness a lot in my practice. Meditation that surrounds certain words, phrases, or positive feelings can be powerful in lowering blood pressure, releasing tension, and helping the mind. In a world where phones are constantly alerting us to emails, to headlines, to messages from friends and family - mindfullness is a practice that helps us separate from what we feel we must attend to immediately and helps us find calm in daily life.  

Horses and the herd provide an incredible practice of mindulness. Their smell, the feel of their coat, the way they look and they way they walk can provide for us a way to get focused in the present. Just being close to a horse can releive us from worrying about future or feeling sad about the past.  

As beings that are always present, horses can help you be present too.

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