marital counseling


Trust And Communicate

By the time you’re considering marriage counseling, things have probably gotten pretty uncomfortable with your partner. Maybe you’re not having sex, maybe you’re not really talking about anything, maybe neither one of you is really listening even if there’s talking - or probably all three things are happening at once.  This step you’re taking to call me means that you’ve had to admit that despite your best efforts, there are deep and emotional issues that need to be addressed and healing needs to happen.

Horses use energy and body language to communicate with one another.  They protect, play, connect, resolve, and love without saying anything at all.  Couples can work with the herd to understand what that can look like in their relationship. With the herd, couples can determine how they want to show up and what that looks like.

Healing and understanding can be acheived through equine couples work.  

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