Calm Your Mind

Horses specialize in anxiety because they are prey animals. They use anxiety approrpriately in its context- when predators are present.  Human anxiety can't exist without danger and when true danger isn't present, human anxiety finds other dangers to obsess over.  This obesssion creates within us a drive to control any an all outcomes and leaves surrender by the wayside.  

Anxiety also is exacerbated by technology. The constant connection to work emails and stress is evident.  Not to mention news headlines popping up literally all day and all night alerting us of the very latest of horrible and devastating news happening around us. What about our relationships? Anxiety and depression interrupts them, distracting us and redirecting us to fear and darkness. Unlike us, horses use anxiety as a tool. In the herd we can work with our anxiety and find relief.  

Anxiety doesn’t own us if we can find ways not to feed it.  I’ll teach you how.

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