Begin Your Journey To Healing

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I work with individuals to help them uncover what is causing a disturbance in the present and solve it.


I help couples find their way to improved communication, restoring trust, appreciation, and healthy relationships.


I help young people find their voice, work through anxiety, depression, trauma, and restore confidence and self esteem.

Treatment Centers

I provide an expanded offering through individual and group equine therapy for clients seeking experiential treatment options.

Group Practices

Individual and group practices now have a convenient equine treatment referral option for their talk therapy clients.

Counelors & Therapists

I work with counseling professionals to process work challenges and restore inspiration for their calling.


Click on this link and fill out my intake form. There's even a calendar right there where you can schedule an appointment.  When a space is available, we can arrange an initial meeting to talk in more detail about what you’re looking for, what I can offer, and make a plan together.

For individuals, It depends on need and budget. Equine work is usually 2 to 3 hour sessions and can be scheduled every other week, once a month or even once a quarter depending on what you're looking for.  

For group, usually weekly for 6-8 weeks. 

Yes. All information shared in sessions is confidential. There are three exceptions to confidentiality. Child abuse, abuse of the disabled and elderly, and if I determine that you are a harm to yourself or another human being.

Yes. I used a specific channel for my telehealth work that is HIPPA compliant.

Medication is something that can absolutely be a wonderful tool to healing. My recommendation is to consult with a psychiatrist (I can make recommendations) to determine if any medical intervention is needed and if so, what type.

Currently, I do not take insurance.

I require 24 hours notice of cancellation or you will need to pay for the appointment. An occasional exception may be made in the case of an emergency. It’s important that we meet consistently in order to make progress.

Equine individual therapy sessions are $200 an hour. They are scheduled in 2 hour sessions and 3 hour sessions.  Equine group therapy sessions are $150 an hour for 2 hour sessions, Groups are comprised of 4-6 individuals and run 6-8 weeks weekly.  

We Provide Our Customers With The Highest Quality Service.

We strongly believe that different people will bring the collision spark of technology, thought and creativity.

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