just feeling stuck


Move Toward Healing

I love this page on the website. This is because when I first sought therapy in my 30s, this is exactly how I felt. I didn’t really know what depression or anxiety was. I didn’t think I had any unresolved trauma. I didn’t think my marriage was really that bad. I just felt, well, STUCK. I felt like I couldn’t move forward or backward and that felt terrible.  

I had a good life! I had a great family! WHAT WAS MY DEAL?  Why didn’t I appreciate every single little thing?  Everyone else would love to have what I have!! What is wrong with me? Why am I so STUCK.

I found a great therapist and the first day she said “What brings you here today?” And I said, “I don’t know.” I really didn’t know. It had been so long that I’d been trying to live my life in that “I should be grateful” way that I wasn’t even sure how to explain why I was there. I just knew something was off.

Then through the art of motivational interviewing - she was able to get me talking. I uncovered so many things that I didn’t even realize were truths. It was life changing and it was also one of my inspirations to be a therapist.  

Horses are the master of movement.  They dance across pastures and challenge those who do not dance.  Stuck doesn't apply in the herd and when you're in session with the horses and me it won't apply to you either.  This real-time practicing of new behaviors is the beginning of getting the brain and body back online and "unstuck."  

So if this is you - if you’re feeling stuck and you don’t know why - let the herd and I get you moving again.

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