Build Trust And Trust Self

As prey animals, horses are uniquely designed to determine if a human is showing up authentically.  Trauma interferes with the process of human identity and can inhibit authenticity.  As as result,  trauma makes sure that most of us don't know who we really are.  Our family of origin can be a source of trauma. Church can be a source of trauma. School can be a source of trauma.  Work and intimate relationships can be sources of trauma.  And so can rape, car accidents, being mugged, natural disasters, shootings, child abuse, and anything else that negatively impacts our central nervous systems and takes away our feeling of personal power.  It's that loss of power and that build up of fear and abandonment that determines what defense mechanism we will rely on the most; dissociation? addiction?  anxiety? workaholic?  

We will work together to find ways to gently recall traumatic experiences and find ways horses can help you look within yourself to heal them.  Horses can help you uncover the strength within to move forward from the trauma you have experienced.  

You don’t have to pretend it doesn’t bother you anymore. Let’s figure it out, together.

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