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Thrive With Authenticity

Who are you, really?  Once you know who you are - is that it? Do you stay the same always? Can you evolve? In my practice I find that many individuals struggle with identity. Who am I if I’m not drinking?  Who am I if I’m not a workaholic? What does it mean if I’m not the norm?

Identity is a tricky thing. It’s based on our family of origin, it’s based on religious parameters, it’s based on friends we choose, the culture we’re born into, gender norms, and sexual orientation norms.  We’re taught that the easiest path is often not a path that we feel that we fit into.  

The LGBTQIA community has experienced the pain of not fitting into the norms. The truth is that norms are culturally created and that our biology and genetics determine the outcome of who we are. It’s truly that simple. We are born the way we are and live the way we were already determined to live. But just saying that out loud doesn’t make it easy or possible because of the aforementioned “norms.”

Here's a hint, horses don't care about anything but your authentic soul.  Come be seen as yourself and see how horses connect with authenticity.  

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