addiction & recovery


Empowerment To Stay On Track

Addiction tends to be a response to depression and anxiety that becomes unmanageable due to unforeseen circumstances or trauma experiences. It can take the form of almost anything that helps us numb from the pain of our daily life. At first it’s a good way to numb the feelings but then addiction becomes us, it becomes our existence. We can’t even remember why we started trying to numb in the first place.  

Maybe it’s social media - do you find yourself scrolling for minutes that turn into hours?  Without it, how do you feel? While we’re at it - what about your phone? What happens if your phone isn’t close by?  And what about pornography? It’s easy to access isn’t it?  Can you go without it? Video games? All of these items help the individual shut down and focus on anything other than how they are feeling. 

Horses don't have that experience in the world. They are constantly engaged in five sense activation keeping them alert and calm.  In sessions you'll have the opportuntiy to practice 5 sense meditation and grounding so that you can find quiet in your soul just as horses do. This experience can allow you to begin connection and safety with the herd to practice new behaviors and benefit from the consequences. 

Together with the horses we can find a way to self-reliance without the crutch of addiction.

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