Clear The Cobwebs

Depression is the issue that is probably the most popular in today’s vernacular. It takes many forms and can be deceptive to some and obvious to others. Maybe you can’t get out of bed. Maybe you’re going to the gym obsessively to keep endorphins up because when you crash - you sleep 15 hours. Maybe you’re faking the smile as you sit in the meeting at work.  Maybe you have no appetite or maybe eating is the one time you feel better. I see you. My horses see you too.  

Horses' heart electromagnetic fields extend 10-12 feet.  Human's 3-4 feet.  Just standing next to a horse can allow for a human to experiecing lightness and levity, even if just for a moment.  Equine work is experiential allowing for clients to practice in real-time new behaviors and experiencing levity when depressed can be the beginning of healing in the brain and the body. 

Through a trusted and open relationship with the herd and me, you can heal. 

Depression doesn’t have to be something you fake smile your way through. Let’s find a way out together.

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