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One of my very first clients was a mother grieving the loss of her adult daughter. She was profoundly sad and confused and all of the things that go along with grief. I was inspired by her perseverance to get help in the face of such pain and in response I took some additional coursework on death and dying to gain a perspective on this experience to help her and to help others in the same situation.   

What did I learn about grief?  We can’t control it. We can’t define it. We can’t race through it.  Death and dying is multilayered and complicated. It challenges us in ways we never knew we could be challenged. It forever changes our reality and forever colors our outlook in the world.  

There are also other experiences we grieve in addition to the loss of loved ones. We can grieve a childhood we never had, a marriage that ended, a job we lost, a loss of a pet - grief touches many stages of our lives and understanding that you can grieve non-traditional things is often the first step in healing.

Horse grieve too.  They experience loss and are known to mourn for weeks after the loss of a herd member.  They support each other in grief by assigning herd members to the most devastated and sticking close to each other.  They know pain and sadness just as we do and they can see it in us.  Just by being close they can provide comfort and safety in loss.  

Please know that you don’t have to go through this alone. The horses and  I are here for you.

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