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Be Truly Seen As You Are

At any time in our lives we can struggle. Struggling can take many forms for us as individuals.  Some of us may clean obsessively.  Some of us may stay in bed.  Some of us may put in more hours at work than ever.  Some of us may just feel perpetually frustrated and scared.  Maybe we eat less, maybe we eat more. Maybe we drink more alcohol and take more medication than we should. Are we always yelling at our partner? Or is our partner just checked out?  Why has our teenager been wearing long sleeves and long pants when it’s 98 degrees out?  Yes, struggling can take many forms - but the common theme for us as individuals is struggle means we are trying to mitigate pain.  

I use horses to work with individuals to help them uncover what is causing a disturbance in the present. In making that discovery, we can find out where it originated and can work together to solve it.  Depression, anxiety, PTSD, unresolved trauma, work-related stress, divorce,  relationship issues, co-dependency, addiction, and parenting challenges are all ways we respond to pain in our daily lives.  The herd offers a safe, nurturing place for individuals to express themselves and find healing through telling their stories and having someone truly listen.  

Some of the power of equine individual counseling simply lies in having someone focus solely on you and your experience; someone who validates your feelings, understands your pain, and can help you look within yourself to find ways to move forward in growth. Just having someone listen can help provide relief and clear away cobwebs for clearer thinking and focus.  

You don’t need to go it alone anymore. I’m here, listening.

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