Rediscover Each Other

Horses are uniquely attuned to the human experience and can sense sadness and joy in couples.  Couples, partners, friends - all are relationships that can use fine tuning at times and at other times can use a deep cleansing and return to honest, loving, respectful communication.  When partners are in struggle it can look like silence or yelling, isolation or desperation, resentment and hurt - and horse are witness to all of this.  

As your couples counselor, I will use the power of the herd to work with you both at the same time to understand your current challenges and to help you uncover origins of individual love and communication styles in order to encourage helpful and positive communication.

Sometimes the biggest challenges in couples therapy lie in the things that go unsaid.  Through interacting with the herd, we endeavor to move the “unsaid” into “said.”

The herd can provide an unbiased and honest look at where you are as a couple and where you want to go as a couple.  

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